Resveratrol Dosage – What’s the recommended Amount?

resveratrol dosageInterested in adding resveratrol to your diet? If you’ve been hearing the recent news about resveratrol’s profound effects found in recent studies, including anti-cancer properties, weight loss, and longevity effects, there’s a good chance that you are thinking about trying it yourself. There are many different foods and drinks that provide resveratrol, including red wine, peanuts, and even cacao (another boost for the chocoholics out there!). There are also numerous companies that have developed resveratrol supplements, a great way to get your daily dose. But how much should you take a day? What is the recommended resveratrol dosage to experience these wonderful health benefits?

First, it’s important to know that there have been very few studies carried out on humans in regards to resveratrol effects, supplementation, and resveratrol dosage guidelines. Nearly all research has been done on insects and mice, and trying to extrapolate a dosage from animal results to human recommendations is a difficult achievement. However, scientists are attempting to address the question of resveratrol dosage for human use from several different approaches. The data resulting from studies done on mice has offered some clues, and scientists are actively searching out more.

In the meantime, some initial recommendations have been developed for resveratrol dosage in humans. At the human equivalent of a 20 mg resveratrol capsule dose a day, mice experienced pronounced anti-aging gene-expression changes, according to studies carried out by one pharmaceutical company. A daily dosage of 20 mg of resveratrol seems like a good starting point when you consider the other end of the spectrum.

One Company that offers low dose resveratrol capsules of 15mg is Resvantage brand resveratrol supplements – they recommend taking two 15mg capsules twice a day because resveratrol activation effects, they say, last about 9-10 hours in the body. So, inorder to keep the Sirt 1 gene activated for most of the 24 hr period and get the maximum benefit, taking a few low dose resveratrol supplements a day is potentially more effective and less likely to cause side effects that may exist in larger dosed supplements.

Mega Doses or Resveratrol Dosage?

Another manufacturer claims that mega doses of their supplements should be of no concern – ‘mega doses’ being defined as 500 – 1000 mg per dosage. However, in a volunteer study of participants taking mega doses of resveratrol, there were some side effects experienced – all reversible – that included abnormal blood tests, anemia, diarrhea, anxiety, and over-thinning of the blood. This should tell us succinctly that taking a high dosage of resveratrol is not in our best interest. It seems wise to be moderate when deciding on a dosage for a new supplement. However, there are other studies that show that a dosage of approximately 4.9 mg per kilogram of body weight is effective in reproducing effects similar to a healthy calorie restricted diet. So, for a 150 pound person, this would equal an approximate recommendation of a 334 mg dosage of resveratrol. In that light, it makes sense to consider dosage guidelines in the view of a person’s weight in order to determine how their body will respond. It would make sense that a 300 pound person would have much different results with a mega dosage of resveratrol than a 150 pound person.

In the end, at least until we have documented scientific human results to follow, it is up to the individual to determine the dosage best for them. A safe approach might be to start at a lower dosage and gradually increase over a period of several weeks, or even months, until you find the best dosage for your body and well being.


15 comments to Resveratrol Dosage – What’s the recommended Amount?

  • I have been taken Resveratrol for a few months now, and have noticed a significant decrease in bloating. This could be termed the, ” Regularity Pill”, as it does work wonderfully. I recently upped my dosage. I feel great and have seen its anti-aging effects. I do have an increase in energy and my skin seems to be firmer.
    Thank you Dr. Oz.

  • Mary

    I take 37 mg of Resveratrol a day. I started taking it about a month ago, I had just started to get “hot flashes” and the Resveratrol stopped them, which was a surprise. I originally took one capsule a day then later realized that the 37mg on the bottle required two capsules, so I started taking both for 37mg. However the hot flashes went away when I was only taking one capsule, about 18 mg.

  • Andrea

    I started taking 250 mg of Resveratrol one month ago. This is what I have noticed. My finger nails are stronger, and don’t break as often so they are much longer than they have ever been. I also noticed less bloating. I’m a 45 year old woman with lots of lower intestinal bloating. But they are now much fewer and further between. I’ve not noticed any weight loss or firmer skin, however.

  • Quinton Kruse

    I was recently successfully treated for HCV, and have been told that I have late stage cirrhosis. Two questions if you please:
    1. Will Resveratrol be beneficial to me or will it further
    harm my liver?

    2. What dose would you recommend?

    Thank you.

  • libra

    andrea, you couldn’t possibly see any difference in your nails in one month. It takes approx. six months for a nail to grow from root to tip.

  • Steve

    In order to avoid having hydrochloric stomach acid destroy Reversatrol, I take 200 mg twice daily anally. Do you see any problem with my regime?

  • Jim

    I’ve found a great lower dose of Resveratrol at CetroLabs, good price and fast shipping too.

  • I found your site on google, great site, keep it up. Will return in the future. Submitted this post to Google News Reader.

  • Tom

    Is there any data on the percentage of resveratrol that makes it past the acid in the stomach? Ie. how much is actually bio-available when taken orally?

  • admin

    Hi Tom,
    I don’t know of any hard data, but some manufacturers use the licaps capsules to deliver their powder or liquid form of resveratrol because it doesn’t get dissolved in the stomach and ends up getting absorbed in the blood stream to a higher degree – in other words it has a higher bioavailability than regular tablets or powders and liquids. Resvantage Brand uses Licaps to deliver its low dose resveratrol – so most of the 15mg dose is bioavailable. Licaps capsules are two-piece gelatin capsules that have been specially designed to be sealed for secure containment of liquids and semi-solids. Licaps are manufactured by Capsugel – a division of Pfizer Inc.

  • Erin

    With ALL of the Many places now that offer Resveratrol, who do you trust more to buy from? Its so hard to choose whos best. For all I know, they are either all the same or all a scam….or both. Would you trust your local pharmacy chain?

  • Usana Health Sciences has been awarded the Best of the Best by the Comparative Guide for Nutritional Supplments every year since the inception of the magazine. Their products are third party tested for potency, quality and are pharmaceutical grade. They are also athlete guaranteed not to have any banned substances. If you want the purest, highest quality form, by the Health Pak 100 which contains 15 mg of Resveratrol, the proper dose at this time, considering the studies are still coming out about it and it’s various side effects with higher doses.

  • Ron R

    I started taking 250 mg of Resveratrol 4 months ago. This is what I noticed. It negatively affected my sleep patterns(some insomnia) as well as increased anxiety. I had weight loss, but also had changed to a much healthier diet so that may have been the real factor. I stopped taking it a week ago and I am now getting great sleep and have reduced anxiety. I’m going to wait a month and go to a much lower dose.

  • Tyler

    I bought red wine extract from walmart
    it says 200 mg and gives of a list of many ingredients including resveratrol
    does that make up of the 200mg or is it a straight up 200mg?
    Also how long do you see results and does this help acne? and also mood?

  • Jan

    For evidence-based info on absorption, metabolism, etc. and actual efficacy in humans — not just in vitro or in other animal models — you can find study results at the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database ( Research is still in the early stages, and not all claims have been backed up by evidence. There are also a number of interactions to consider, especially for drugs/herbals with anti-inflammatory or anti-platelet indications.

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